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BAD TASTE - A Revue of Queer and Camp Curiosities - is a Chicago-based variety show which dares to defy the expectations on stage, featuring a rotating case of the city's most daring and disgusting performers! Starting in 2017, BAD TASTE was launched by MO LESS to provide Chicago audiences the chance to see performance art that is irreverent, visceral, and always risk-taking; for Chicago performers, it aimed to provide an ongoing paid opportunity to center challenging work often deemed too unpalatable to the mainstream stage. As it has evolved, it has become a show which consistently reflects and amplifies the marginalized, protests the establishment, and celebrates the freakery in all of us!



While there are many burlesque companies, and none too few nerdlesque companies, PS...Burlesque is special. It is the glitter haven. A Proud and Safe place for burlesque babies to burlesque pros alike.

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