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Explore your Wildest side in a burlesque class, or balance out your performance fire with a calming yoga session.
All classes are drop-in friendly and are open to all levels.



Sun 12:30-1:30pm, 4043 N Ravenswood Ave.
Zoom Meeting ID 816 642 543

After getting gender affirming surgery in 2017, Jean dove into their personal yoga practice as a way to heal their body and connect to movement in a mindful way. By 2018 they had earned their 200 hour yoga instructor certification with a focus in hot yoga. They have since expanded their instructor education to included vinyasa flow classes and intelligent sequencing through Zen Yoga Garage's GAP program.
The Sunday Free Yoga Series is a vinyasa flow class, kindly supported by Windy City Strength & Conditioning. The class is designed to be accessible to anyone new to yoga, while also offering a challenge for those who already have an established physical practice.

This is a regularly a BYOM (bring your own mat) class and pre-registration is required, but class is online during "shelter in place." Zoom ID 816 642 543



Wed. 6:00-7:15pm, 410 S Michigan Ave

Bringing you burlesque basics with a hip hop flair, this open level class will unlock your power as a performer. Hosted by the American Rhythm Center, Jean Wildest leads students through burlesque fundamentals and hip hop drills that will be fused in a unique choreography sequence. Of course, catching the steps isn't the main feature of burlesque. Performer polish and stage presence are some of the art form's biggest draws. Each choreography sequence is designed for students to dive in and master from a solo performance perspective. This class is a fully clothed experience, so you can leave your garters at home, but come with your best shimmy!
Standard Drop In is $15 with lower rates for class packs, student or industry discounts.



Available Upon Request

Private lessons are available upon request. Rates vary. All session are currently through Zoom.

Yoga private sessions are booked in 1 hour blocks. Burlesque lessons can be booked in either 1 hour or 1.5 hour blocks and are focused on performance choreography. Message for details or booking inquiries.

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